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How to choose and buy good quality empty capsule

How to choose good quality empty capsule

Capsule have 2 big kinds :1)gelatin empty capsule  2)hpmc vegetable/vegetarian empty capsule

Gelatin Empty capsule raw marterial from pig

Halal Empty capsule raw marterial from cow ,fish ,halal empty capsule permit some Middle East and Sri Lanka China, like Malaysia, Bathstan,must need halal certificate
Sure ,they also like vegetable empty capsule ,such as hpmc or pullulan empty capsule from plant

As hpmc capsule or  cellulose empty  capsule raw marterial come from tree or cotton

It is good for human health.

How to test good quality gelatin empty capsule

First ,such as clear color capsule ,it looks clearly,not light yellow

Second ,the lab test heavy metal ,but need medicine or pharmacist can do it .very professional

The third way,you eat it ,and feel stomach ,if terrible quality ,you feel bad of stomach after 10 mins

How to test good quality vegetable empty capsule ,almost same with gelatin empty capsule.



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