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the advantages between hpmc capsule and pullulan capsule

Vegetable capsule have 2 kinds:

1) Empty Hpmc capsule raw marterial is hpmc

Re: Hpmc( hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) come from cotton.

2) Pullulan capsule raw marterial is pullulan

3)    Re:Pullulan is a polysaccharide polymer consistingof maltotriose units

1.HPMC CAPSULE Advantages

1)The non*animal origin of HPMC capsules ensures full compatibility , compared to gelati n the raw material offers, many technological benefits. Due to its low moisture content wh ich ranges from 4 to 6%, the HPMC is a perfect choice for moisture*sensitive drugs.

2)Even after storage under harsh condition the capsules won't retain elevated moisture levels. Unlike gelatin, HPMC doesn't tend to form cross*linked bonds which results in high stability and well*defined dissolution profiles.


Processing of a thin HPMC film is not so simple as with gelatin, the actual manufacturing time become slightly longer.

Each manufacturer posses of his own patented process of gelation which subsequently affects the dissolution profiles.

Thus, hypromellose capsules from different manufacturers are not interchangeable for every purpose(unlike in gelatin)


The oxygen transmission rate of Pullulan caspule is 0.4 cm3/m2·day ,

The oxygen transmission rate of hpmc caspule is 127 cm3/m2·day Pullulan of The oxygen transmission rate is very low

Comparing with other capsules, Bullulan capsules have following advantages:

1: Brilliant appearance: Bight Poly capsules are brilliantly clear and shiny. Finished products using Bright Poly capsules are visually attractive.

2: Chemically inert: Pullulan is chemically inert, and does not react or cross link with contents the capsules are intended to deliver.

3: Excellent oxygen barrier: Pullulan film is 300 times stronger oxygen barrier than HPMC film and 9 times stronger than gelatin film of the same thickness. Pullulan capsules are the best choice for oxygen sensitive materials.

4: Environment friendly and health conscious Pullulan is water extracted from fungi grown on starch substrate, much like the mushroom growing on fertile ground. There are no toxic chemicals involved in growing, harvest and extract pullulan. So it is very natural and environment friendly. Disadvantages Pullualn capsule not suit Absorbent powder . If use pullulan pack absorbent powder ,the powder will absorb the water of pulluln capsule. The powder capsule will be brittle and bad after 3 days



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