Hard Empty Gelatin Capsule

  • empty capsule shell
empty capsule shell

empty capsule shell

  • Product description: As empty capsule shell supplier ,we have size 00 ,0 ,1 ,2,3,4 ,5 green red yellow white purple blue orange pink white clear transparent color empty gelatin capsule shell

Empty capsule shell

1.The raw material Empty capsule shell have 2 kinds gelatin .

1) skin gelatin come from skin of animal(pig,cow,or etc)

2) bone gelatin come from animal bone.

2.in fact,the second bone gelatin used for high quality capsule.

1)as some user(medicine factory) require empty  capsule shell filling capsule disintegration at human very quick.

2)bone capsule show good at high temperature ship long time.and not easy brittle at cold winter.

3.Our empty  gelatin capsule shell come from Rousselot, which is the largest supplier of high quality in the world.We produce our capsules base GMP standards.

If use  our empty gelatin capsule shell ,promise have  perfect filling rate if you use high speed capsule filling machine.


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