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    semi auto capsule filling machine

    • Product description: if want to buy high quality and best price of semi auto/automatic capsule filling machine from china,welcome to inquiry manufacture


    Echnical Parameters:

    Production capacity :10000-40000pcs/h

    Total power: 380V, 2200w

    Applicable Capsules: 0 # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4# mechanism standard capsules

    Dimensions (mm): 1170mmx680mmx1620mm

    Weight (kg): 350kg

    The machine adopts microcomputer PLC, frequency control of motor speed, and touching panel.It can independently complete capsule of the feeding, separating, filling, locking.To reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.

    With stainless steel between machines and contact parts ,it’s conformed to the requirements of the pharmaceutical and health.For the function of native action sensitive, easy to operate, filling dose accurately, it is suitable for filling various domestic or imported capsule. In a word,it’s the pharmaceutical industry filling capsule pharmaceutical economic and practical equipment.


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