Empty Capsule

    empty hard gelatin capsule

    • Product description: As empty hard gelatin capsule supplier ,we supply size #000 00 0 1 2 3 4 5 # empty hard gelatin capsule from china factory. and any colors we have such as clear transparent/green/white/red/blule/blac

    Empty hard Gelatin capsule

    1.As empty hard gelatin capsue supplier ,The raw material bone gelatin of our empty hard gelatin capsules come from Rousselot, which is the largest supplier of high quality in the world.

    2.We produce our empty hard gelatin capsules by  GMP medicine standards.

    3.Our Empty hard gelatin capsules have high filling rate (99.99%) by high speed capsule filling machine,so suit semi auto capusle filling machine ,we also supply separated  gelatin capsule for you manual filling machine

    4.we have many colors to choose ,you can custom colors ,also have size

    5,We have FDA ,halal ,is09001 certificates .

    6.If you look for qulaity empty hard gelatin capsule supplier .welcome to inquiry.


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